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An uneven and wanna-be everything movie...
Some movies are full of everything, but still succeeds, but some tries to use a clear low budget in an attempt to make a movie that has action, romance, thriller and even comedy. Some works and most don't and guess what happen when a B-movie tries to do that? Fail? Yeah. you are right. The new Kristy Yang movie offers no surprises but rather the director could have done better if handled with more though or even a much better director would have insert some feeling of energy and suspenseful moments to it. Unfortunately the director and producer fails the actors and the audience by using the worst editing technique I have seen in recent years. If not for the movie starring Kristy Yang, I would never even rent the DVD and lucky I am that I did not buy it, or else I would be feeling a bird taking my money into the sky.

Don't you just hate watching a movie where you can guess what will happen next and just when a romantic moments between the two non-matching couples in Kristy and Chin Kar Lok spark, they cut to a different scene? Hiu the old guy is pointless in the movie and the fat guy who is trying to intimate as a comedy relief guy turns out to be a Shaolin Soccer fat boy wanna be. Clearly this movie has plenty of problems, from the action sequences in the opening scene shifting to a crime movie then shifting to thriller and murder then changing to romance and father and son, this movie is not only uneven, but a total mess. Maybe the director is trying too much, but with a budget like this why can't he just make a comedy or romantic drama??? Well I just think whoever the director is, does not have much of a future ahead.

Clearly Neo is disappointed with the movie and even Chin's constant self-references and self consciousness about himself is boring and actually annoying. All the actors did crap and the only reason why I am giving it 4/10 is the presence of Kristy Yang who plays the same character as she is, although an average performance, she still stand out from the rest of the cast and that's not saying much. If critics thinks that 6AM was bad, then I just dunno how I can even rate this movie. However there are moments in the movie that can be fun to watch, but on personal taste this is what I call a total waste of time. So is there any hope for direct to video movies? Well from what I see, if there was even any hope for it in the first place, is all but distinguish.

I rate it 4/10

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Artist Name(s) : Kristy Yang | Qian Jia Le | Hui Shiu Hung
Release Date : December 29, 2004
Language : Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitle : Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese
Duration : 88 Minutes
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), February 2005