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The new Herman Yau's Herbal Tea is by no means a good movie, with average performance, almost no chemistry between the lovers and a pretty dull storyline, however what is somehow adequate is the quirky camera angles that makes the film a much more smooth experience. Starring Candy Lo and Jordan Chan and a long list of known support cast. Candy Lo does well in her usual self and puts in a rather natural performance that resembles a older image of Karena Lam. Jordan Chan puts in a rather below par showing which is no where near what he is capable of.

The story is pretty much about a Herbal Tea shop owed by Candy Lo and her life is changed as she meets Chan, but to add to a twist Chan's former girlfriend comes back to the picture. Then after some expected twists, Candy and Chan fall for each other, but again, Chan wanting to be a movie star is forced to travel abroad... So will the romance work?

Without doubt, the last 1/4 of film seems to be a parody of the superior masterpiece, Chung King Express but whereas that movie is somewhat touching in a slow pace, Herbal Tea is the opposite of that, fast paced, and a much-rushed ending that leaves a rather empty feeling in the minds of the audience.

As a postmodern student, the first quarter of film is extremely postmodern highlighting a number of gender issues and frequent use of voice over. The only reason for anyone for watching this average flick that offers nothing new, is definitely those who like Candy Lo. Otherwise, it is not a wise idea as this herbal tea definitely does not provide a cheerful face nor mindless fun.

I rate it 5.5/10

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Product Title : Herbal Tea
Artist Name(s) : Jordan Chan | Candy Lo | Lei Ka Yee
Duration : 94 Minutes
Rating : IIA
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - April 2004