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What is the first name most HK movie fans recall when they feel that a movie is, absolutely stupid, yet they laugh it, rip off other people superior ideas and make a parody out of it? Well I think you got the idea, and probably the first person that pops in your head will be Stephen Chow, the King of ‘mou lei tau’ however, what I am implying is not Chow but the absolutely rip off artist – Wong Jing. And his latest offering may seems like a revival of the ‘chasing girls’ movie but in fact, Love is a ManyStupid Thing is yet another parody of the boxoffice King – Infernal Affairs Series. However while, other Wong Jing movies like Colour of Truth is actually good and can stand on its own despite the obvious similarities with Infernal Affairs, the same can not be said about Love is a Many Stupid Thing, because the movie is essential a refilming of Infernal Affairs in Wong Jing’s style. You get the picture I am getting at, right?

The story basically goes like this and follows the opening scenes of Infernal Affair closely then moving towards some scenes of IA2 and IA3: Lek, a police superintendent, was bent on eliminating the triad boss Lobster and his gang, especially Sam Tsang, the right hand man of Lobster, who married Maria with whom Lek fell in love in their younger days. Lek sent Bad Boy, Fattie and Silly Keung to act as undercover agents in the gang. They were promised a huge bonus if they could help in cracking the gang. These three agents encountered Dee, the undercover gangster who worked in the police force, and three gorgeous policewomen, Beau, Fridge and Angel, whom they had a crush at first sight...Well to make thing even more funny (or is it even funny) – Chapman To is playing Tony Leung’s role and Shawn Yue playing Chapman To role!

As to the performance, I don’t think I should waste my precious time even if the performance is bad as none of the actors even stands out, except for the most annoying actor in the comedy world – Nat Chan Bak Cheung surprisingly produced the most memorable performance of the movie. And the scene of Nat Chan trying to be a wanna-be Chow Yun Fat in a John Woo movie and finishing of with a Bruce Lee style kick is refreshing and funny, perhaps the only good scene of the movie. This scene is a black comedy of what happened to Anthony Wong character just before he dies! Not to spoil it, cause it is both funny and probably the only moment in the film worth Worthing. As for the other actors, Shwn Yue is boring, Chapman To (surprisingly I usually didn’t found him annoying) but this time he is unbearable and the addition of Eric Tsang –producing one of his worst acting in years and that fat-guy from Shaolin Soccer – all combined well to create a nonsense and stupid mou lei tau movie.

Overall, Love is a Many Stupid Thing is a movie that can not and should no even be watched if you have not watched Infernal Affairs. It is a movie that is a parody that stretches too long with a boring cast. Though there are some funny moments, it all seems too clique and is a parody that most audience can think of before the supposed parody is delivered. Love is a Many Stupid Thing is exactly the words to describe the movie, but one thing that impressed me is the chasing girl genre that the film is heading towards, and hopefully Wong Jing will make a much better chasing girls movie that is actually the focus rather than a parody of a superior movie with chasing girls in a supporting role. I will rate this movie 4.5/10 only for people who have seen Infernal Affairs and for those who have not, the movie will be 0/10 and in fact don’t even watch it! But then again, if you hated Infernal Affairs, I strongly advise you to watch this movie!

I rate it 4.5/10

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Product Title : Love is a Many Stupid Thing
Artist Name(s) : Eric Tsang | Nat Chan | Shawn Yue| Chapman To
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin
Duration : 84 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - June 2004