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Yet another Louis Koo starring in a romantic comedy. Formulaic, well kind off, but at least this is a movie that is mindless fun to watch and even at times touching and a average ending that is kind off predictable, but then again, not that much of a cheesy ending. From the director of Twins Effect, Dante Lam Chiu-Yin, does a good job in depicting a number of failed romance. However, the best thing in this movie is the presence of kung fu master Donnie Yen in a rather unexpected role as a romantic rival. It is Yen very presence, that makes this film move along at a easier pace and move the audience towards the ending.

The movie starts off when Wong Kai Ming (Louis Koo) is having Valentine's Day dinner with his girlfriend Annie (Gigi Leung), she suddenly tells him she wants to separate. Wong does not understand the reason behind but at the same time, he also feels he loses the loving feeling with Annie. He takes his net friend, Au Yeung Sum-kit (Charlene Choi)'s advice to visit his ex-girlfriends one by one, so as to understand what kind of girls he likes, and most of all, understands himself.

That summary is from the official site, and it does sounds silly right? Well, as silly as it is, director Lam, adequate direction makes the movie move along at a rather quick pace, except for the slightly prolonged ending at the end. Without doubt the presence of Ah Sa – Charlene Choi was love expert is both cute and put in a rather sensible performance comparing to her over the top 8 year old acting in My Wife is 18. In terms of chemistry I must admit that Ah Sa and Louis is definitely a better pairing as they play off each other very well. While Donnie Yen’s acting has improved a lot comparing to his Shanghai Affairs days and is an adequate romantic partner to Gigi Leung. One of the film’s funniest moments belongs to Yen when Louis challenges Yen to a fight… Indeed what movie Yen is in without at least a fight scene.

Of all the 30s leading stars, Koo is one that shows presence and seems to be an adequate actor. I have seen him in TVB in his earlier days and without doubt his serious acting is not bad at all. One must got to say that Koo is wasting his potential of being a serious actor by starring in routines romantic comedies. Gigi Leung is not just flower glass but this movie however does not allow her to show range but her crying scenes definitely show some much needed potential. There are also a number of fun cameos popping up here and there, especially Gillian Chung (One again as a disable), Alex Fong and a few others to name.

Overall, Love on the Rocks is by no means a bad movie, and at best can even be a par above mindless fun. With the presence of Donnie Yen, who is definitely better off as a supporting actor, the cuteness of Ah Sa, the pretty face of Gigi and the nerdy dark chocolate, Koo all combines well in this easy and fun going movie ride. But then again, the title does not really fit the movie at all, but then again who cares. Love on the Rocks has this sense of feel that makes the movie slightly above the average romantic comedies.

I rate it 7/10

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Product Title : Love on the Rocks
Artist Name(s) : Gigi Leung | Louis Koo | Charlene Choi | Donnie Yen
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin
Duration : 103 Minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - May 2004