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Moving Target is a movie that is going along the lines of Wong Jing’s previous similar crime outing and far superior Colour of Truth. With stars like Nick Tse, the ever wooden Edison Chen and veterans in supporting roles like Simon Yam, Lam Suet, the movie moves along at a reasonable pace, despite the familiar storyline which is more predictable than a romantic comedy. This movie from Wong Jing the master of mo le tau is surprisingly sensible and a times even serious.

The story is basically revolves two good friends (Tse and Chen) who are rising in the ranks of top cops, until, Chen is forced into the triad (fat guy known as Bobby) and is therefore kicked out of police force. Meanwhile there is the usual flower glass in Gillian Chung (Twins) who really does nothing else than just stand there and quite similar to her role in Colour of Truth with lesser role. Adding to the subplot is Chen and Chung romance, Tse and Yam as enemies (Father and Son). However, the movie really never kick off, nor does it show much potential.

Tse probably is the improving actor of the new generation and his range is shown a little but he does show potential in his role. However the same can not be said of Edison, who is again his usual self, but at least he is not as annoying as he was in Nine Girls and a Ghost. Gillian is cute and probably got her paycheck without doing much. Yam puts in a mature performance, but with a role that doesn’t allow much. Lam Suet probably shines out from the pack as a cowardly looking yet slightly courageous ‘father’.

With HK cinema making more romantic comedies than crime thrillers, it is always refreshing to watch one, and even though it is from Wong Jing, he can direct good movies like Colour of Truth, but the same can not be said for Moving Targets, as it is too predictable and lack emotions (despite the cheesy flashback which has become so much a of clique that it has no impact whatsoever). However, Moving Targets is still fast-paced and one of the few crime thrillers made each year, but one thing is certainty, Wong Jing’s Colour of Truth is a fluke.

I rate it 6/10

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Product Title : Moving Targets (2004)
Artist Name(s) : Nicholas Tse | Edison Chen | Simon Yam
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin
Duration : 94 Minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - May 2004