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With Stephen Chow off the scene for at least every three years nowadays, the genre of Chow’s established comedy which used to churn out quality ‘mo lei tau’ at a rate of almost 5-6 a year is now long gone. Then in came the surprise of last year – Dragon Loaded 2003 starring the up and coming Ronald Cheng and what’s more he is back with more of his humor in the over the top ‘mo lei tau’ comedy pairing with director Vincent Kok in Super Model. Whereas, Dragon Loaded wasn’t testing new grounds, however, Super Model is taking mo lei tau to its maximum standing in a rather negative direction as Cheng goes way over the top. Though it may not be a bad thing that he is establishing his own style, it is not as welcoming as Chow’s style, but nevertheless, Cheng is better off being himself as seen in Super Model. However, while he is himself, the material he chooses does not even make sense in an over the top ‘mo lei tau’ fashion.

Super Model starring acting princesses Karena Lam (Koma (2004)) alongside comedian Ronald Cheng are accompany by Sam Lee, Sammy, Kenny Bee and a number of cameo appearances by HK superstars like Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan, Tong Leung and much more to name, though they all say one thing – Ronald is cool! The story goes like this Super model Mandom (Ronald Cheng) is very famous in the field. One day, he is threatened by someone, asking him not to attend a model competition. Mandom calls for police and Madam Cheung (Karena Lam) is sent to bodyguard him 24 hours a day. However they have hostile feeling to each other. At the same time, Mandom also faces a challenger Fantasy (Sammy). How can Mandom fight against Fantasy in the model competition?

Yeah, you are dead right, a mo lei tau movie with a stupid and idiotic story line what a fitting combination, I know that Chow’s movies are low on plot too, but at least they are funny and laughable from start to finish, however the same can not be say of Super Model. While the performance ranges from good to annoying, it is not to be blame but the director and the scriptwriter, if there is even one. The dialogue is badly written and the jokes are not always funny. However the movie is probably saved by the likable leads in Ronald Cheng and the adorable well at least when she becomes pretty – Karena Lam. Ronald is not good looking and in fact even worst than Chow, but he does has this unique screen presence that allows him to be an adequate replacement of Chow’s status. His antics is different to Chow, but may be just an exaggerated version of him. However Ronald does well in his cross dressing role, and hopefully will pick better projects in the future. Karena Lam in her first comedy role is again spot on, while she can depict sad and unhappy facial expressions, her comedy is not bad at all. Although I do prefer Karena in more serious roles like Koma (2004) and Floating Landscape (2003), she is still adorable in comedies. As to Kenny Bee, he is just the same old self, needless to comment upon. Sam Lee does an okay job as does Sammy as the opposing model, but is annoying at times. Overall, the cast is not the problem but the movie itself is the big problem.

Overall Super Model, is not a serious movie, actually why I am saying this when it is an over the top and I mean extremely over the top mo lei tau movie. It is not boring but it is not non-stop laughing either. In fact it is a bit in between and also a sense of disappointment. Movies like this attempts to bring back Chow’s former magic, but with movies like this one, it leaves a sad reminder to the audience that those days are long gone. Ronald Cheng has a big future ahead and has ability to fill cinema seats, but if he keep making this crap material, then it will only be a matter of time before he becomes a supporting actor again. No, don’t get me wrong, Super Model is not a crap movie, but just a movie that lack a script. There are plenty of jokes around but whether they are funny or not depend on a personal taste. Personally, I find many of the jokes quite annoying and at times repetitive. But then again, if you like the cast, and miss the mo lei tau genre, then Super Model can’t be such a bad choice after all. As to me, I reckon, with better material both director Kok and actor Cheng has a big future ahead. Just do better than this!

I rate it 6/10

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Product Title : Super Model
Artist Name(s) : Ronald Cheng| Karena Lam| Sammy| Sam Lee|Kenny Bee
Language : Cantonese| Mandarin|
Duration : 104 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - July 2004