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Star Runner Wanna-be!
I remember watching this little smart and quirky baby boy in Aces Go Places Series, where the bald guy and his son makes a perfect odd couple and father and son. They were the laughing stock of their time and now 20 years later, the baby is back only now that he is a fully grown up and is no longer bald. After the bad career start in 9 Girls and a Ghost - Cyrus Wong has not have the luxury of starring in big names movie like Edison, but has manage to star in a title role in his latest movie - Ultimate Fight. Just hearing a title tells you pretty much what the whole movie is about and that is not only an insult but showing how unoriginal HK movies are nowadays. With poor production values and very poor acting, and very predictable storyline, makes this movie a Star Runner wanna-be. At least Star Runner got a cool presence of Andy On and a beautiful female lead in that Korean Girl, but all this movie have is Cyrus Wong and a few random unknown girls that is barely coping with acting. Wong is probably the best out of the pack, but his overacting is not only annoying, but unconvincing.

The story goes like this: Ah Kit is a die-hard kung- fu fans. He met the beautiful sales girl Jo who introduced him to her father, Hei. Hei is a kung fu master but had bitter experience in training disciples. One of his former disciples has gained high reputation in the kung fu world but finally betrayed his master and broke Hei's legs and won the champion in the Ultimate Fight competition. After that, Hei hides away in silence. One night, Hei brings Kit to a bar and Kit has a fight with the outrageous Lung. Later Kit realizes that Lung was the disciple who betrayed Hei. Kit decides to put more effort in practicing kung fu with a wish to get revenge for Hei. Meanwhile, the underground boss is secretly preparing for the next Ultimate Fight competition, and Lung, naturally is the hottest bet.With the fear of Kit knowing his personal life, Lung sets an explosion to Jo's house and tries to beat Kit to death. Though saved by the prompt arrival of the police, Kit declares to himself that he must win the fighting competition to get his revenge.

However what can be blamed the most is the director Tony Leung, no he is not Chiu Wai, but some random dude that likes freestyle fights. I am sorry but I am not really interested in a movie that goes like this - revenge, revenge and fight and fight in a fashion that is so messy that the audience is more bored than thrilled. When someone supposedly important to the movie dies, with almost no emotional impact at all, it is clear that something is wrong about the movie.

I think that Neo is better off reviewing some other movies that is worth reviewing than staying on bullshiting about a movie that have no meaning what so ever. I am pretty sure that this movie will have its share of fans and teenagers boys screaming how COOL this is, but trust me, this is not a total bad movie, but if you must watch some ultimate fights type of movie, I will strongly advice you to watch Star Runner (2002) and if you must watch this movie, please forget the cute and smart little baby from Aces Go Places, as from what I seen today - of all the potential he shown 20 years old as a baby - it is most likely that he lost it all already.

I rate it 4/10

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Genre: Action
Director: Tony Leung Siu-Hung
Cast: Cyrus Wong Ka-Ming, Horace Lee Wai-Sing, Yoyo Yiu Ka-Man, Ken Tong Chun-Yip, Alice Pang Wai-Kwan
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), February 2005