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Simply....breathtakingly brilliant...
Phew…breathless…haaaaaaa……breathing…what a damn good movie and what a heck of an amazing ride? This is what movies is about, and this is the reason, Neo keeps watching crappy HK movies. Dog Bite Dog is not only the Love Battlefield’s director best movie ever, but undoubtedly the best movie of the last two years. This is what true HK cinema lovers are waiting for. This is the movie that stamps a huge mark on the viewers and perhaps a place in HK cinema history. To be perfectly honest, Neo haven’t been this excited after a movie for years and finally this one delivers. It is that good, it is that impacting and it is that brilliant. As I said before, when I love movie, I overlook its flaws, but this one have none and at the very least, it captured and got hold of my heart. Seriously if you are reading this review, right at this very moment and still haven’t watch Dog Bite Dog, go bite yourself and run or whatever straight to the local DVD shop and bite on it! It’s a movie you cannot miss!

Writing this review right now, within just minutes after viewing this extraordinary experience, I am shocked, moved and absolutely uplifted. Nothing is better than finding a gem in a sea of shit and Dog Bite Dog is like that in 2006 HK cinema. I am not exaggerating; it is exactly how I feel right now. For someone who have been criticising Edison for his singing, acting and dancing for almost his whole career with the exception of Jiang Hu, Neo is still shocked to the max, that such a person like Edison is capable of such performance. Not unlike Jet Li’s Danny the Dog, director Soi Cheang, uses similar themes, but make the movie 30 times better. It is unforgettable and cruel experience to endure through the brutality of humanity and the meaningless yet meaningful aspect of life.

Sam Lee, the actor who deems his way through supporting roles and leading roles in B-movies, have done something that he will be proud of. Perhaps a performance that will change his life and the direction of his acting future; it is a heck of a brilliant and absolutely award winning performance. His brutal eyes and expressions of angry are terrifying and his transformation is utterly and brutally memorable. Sam Lee has matured into an actor and perhaps after years and years of appearing in crappy movies, he has decided to stamp a point about himself. Alright, let’s make a bold statement here: SAM LEE WILL WIN BEST ACTOR AWARD FOR 2006 HK FILMS AWARD!

Edison Chen, Edison Chen, Edison Chen… what can I say? A transformational performance and a career defining moment, Edison has put out a heck of a memorable performance. As a dog, he is aimless, with ultimate goal of killing for survival and the way he changes throughout his experiences of love and anger is both extraordinary and beautiful to watch. Two thumbs up from Neo and you are officially a better actor than Ekin Cheng.

The innocent girl played a role that limits her abilities, but for once it was not a pretty face that shines through, but a performance that underlines the beauty of smile, even when all hopes are lost. She is fighter, a symbol of hope and a passion for love. It is tiny moments of her smile that made the movie all the more credible and also perfectly juxtaposing the brutality with peace within oneself. Love is a power tool, not only to fix things, but changes people and peace within oneself.

With that been said, director Soi Cheang is a genius at making emotional packed ending as seen in Love Battlefield and Home Sweet Home. Here, Soi Cheang opts for a level beyond emotional, too smart to be conventional and even shock to be unpredictable. Not to spoil the ending, it is so well done that one can not find any flaws, but then again, maybe Neo overlooked them. What made the movie even better is the outstanding use of scenery and contrasting the rapid fire industry of Hong Kong with the poverty yet underlying romantically charged Cambodia.

I am still catching my breath at the moment and to be honest, this movie really made my night. Its been a while that after watching the movie, I watch straight to my lap top and started typing, but in all, I just wanted to share my feelings across, before I forget. It can simply be a movie about a dog, a mad dog finding love, but this isn’t just another dog movie. It is a movie about life, the realities that exist in a place not too far away. It is the realism and the brutality that shock us, but ultimately it is the movie as a whole that truly delivers. Dog Bite Dog is the best movie since 2004 and before I end this review, I will repeat myself one more time – Neo just simply love it!

I rate it 10/10.

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Director: Soi Cheang

Cast: Edison Chen, Sam Lee, Pei Pei
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), October 2006