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Good Chemistry, BAD movie...
Half Twins is a cheesy title and likewise, so is its substance. A plot that seems to be as disposable as HK movies, cheesy supporting actors and laughable production values. Yes, there is the redeeming factors of seeing the new found chemistry between two veteran actors - Candy Lo and Eric Kot. After appearing as in-separate couples even after break up in Cocktail, the director smartly capitalize on this, but the movie is dull. When a script is half-written, half baked and half funded production, the result is clear - cheesy and uninspiring. There are moments that sort of redeeming the movies, like those moments of Eric and Candy tomorrow, but other than that there is nothing to be excited about. It is predictable and definitely not memorable.

Candy Lo shows some much needed presence and her acting is now mature and occasionally showing off her natural style. An underrated actress by all means, Lo isn't genuinely pretty, but surely adequate enough. Her chemistry with Eric is the one thing to catch in this flick. It's natural and beautiful to watch. Eric Kot shows a mature performance once again. After his terrific role in Butterfly and again in Cocktail, Kot have grown to be become a dramatic actor. An talented comedian, is an even better dramatic actor. Maybe it is his beard, or whatever, it is a job well done. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the others. They are crap and not even worth mentioning. They adds more cheesiness to an already cheesy movie.

There really isn't anything worth seeing in this flick apart from the chemistry of Eric and Candy. Its a shame that they are suitably wasted by both the director and the script. The movie doesn't exactly edge to the point of boredom, but on a scale of excitement one to ten, two is getting close. It is exactly the sort of movie that HK cinema does not need and more importantly wasting Neo's previous time altogether. Yes, I am into Korean movies at the moment, but HK movies is still very much a place in my heart, that's if movies are better than this. I mean, far better than this...

I rate it 5.5/10

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Genre: Romance/Drama
Director: Director: Emotion Cheung Kam Ching
Cast: Eric Kot Man Fai, Candy Lo Hau Yam, Carl Ng Ka Lung, Sam Lee Chan Sam
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), June 2006