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Some movies are made for smart people and some for stupid people and clearly frankly Love Undercover 3 is made for extremely stupid people. That’s not to say that stupid people will enjoy watching this flick as really it is beyond the point of stupidity. Rarely do I start of a review with a string of “stupid”, but it is exactly how I felt after wasting my precious time roaming through this piece of dump. What made it more disappointing is the presence of Neo’s praise last year – Fiona Sit who quietly impressed me with her range of emotions in 2 Young and Embrace My Shadow, but here she is wasted to the maximum potential. One must wonder what Miriam Yeung is thinking at home, regretting that she didn’t take on the role or simply feeling devastated for a series that launched her career – fast becoming the shittest movie of the year.

Joe Ma is clearly a commercial director, and his record speaks for itself. While his film isn’t art house, there are fun and easy to endure, but the same can not be said here. I don’t know whose idea it is to make a third film, but whatever it is the script writer and the producer should be ban from film making for a year or two. HK cinema at this sort of state does not need crappy films dragging it lower and clearly a sequel-sequel that is crap does not help the cause. It is so stupid that I highly doubt that even a 5 year old will find it funny. When you take into account that Neo have a liking for Fiona Sit, and still find the movie utterly unbearable – it is really that crap. In fact, a friend of mine watched 10 minutes and stopped…

There isn’t really anything worth talking about in this flick and writing here is really a complete waste of time. Fiona Sit puts in her worst performance in her short potential filled career and in fact her acting is that of 4 years old is shameful to imagine. Sure, Fiona is cute, but there comes a tolerant level for cuteness and for all being said, even Fiona does not pass that test. As for the other supporting acts, they are all utterly annoying and rather forgettable. All this just shows how much Miriam Yeung is worth and that a movie without a script will no longer works in HK cinema if you are not Wong Kar Wai.

All in all, Love Undercover 3 isn’t really a movie and really I shouldn’t even be reviewing a piece of shit like this. As much as I hate to say, maybe Joe Ma just isn’t Wong Jing, but then again saying that requires Neo to be extremely drunk. Basically in a few words of summing up, this a movie to stay away from, to forget, to bang your head with or simply just look at the cover of Fiona Sit’s face and just leave it at that…

I rate it 2/10.

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Genre: Comedy
Director: Joe Ma
Cast: Fiona Sit, Takuya Suzuki, Sammy Leung, Hui Siu Hung and Raymond Wong
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), October 2006