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Cecilia Cheung is becoming stupid!
Cecilia Cheung is an exceptional talent, but her movie choices recently have become the talking point of crap movies critics. Her role in The Promise shown her to be one of the most beautiful on screen actress ever, but rarely did it allows Cheung to showcase her acting chops. Then sparkle with 2006 – Shopaholic and Kung Fu Sweetheart – two absolute light hearted roles along with two below par movies. Kung Fu Sweetheart marks the return of Leo Ku to the HK cinema and the continuation of the Kung Fu Hustle’s couple – Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu playing the same role and adds Cecilia Cheung to the mix; you got a pretty wacky movie. Sometimes it is okay to watch a wacky movie and have a few laughs, but sometime it just get to a point that it is so wacky that it is boring and yawning. As much as I love Cecilia Cheung, and my liking of Leo Ku’s singing, this movie is impossible not to pan and quite frankly I didn’t really like it.

I really do not know what this movie intend to be as it just seems to have this and that and resulting in an effect of not knowing what to think about it. A rather confusing line by Neo, but when you were expecting a romantic comedy, there is nothing worsts than one that try to add martial arts randomly and out of the blue – a dressed as a bird sitting on the toilet. Yes this is Wong Jing’s crap and his usual un-funny bullshit and really questions whether Wong Jing even thinks before he leaps. Seriously, if one person has truly run out of ideas, then he should really consider retirement.

Cecilia Cheung is fast becoming a cashing in actress – one that does not care about how crap the movie is, but with all eyes to the cash on hand. It is disappointing to see such a pretty face wasted her screen time like this and almost a shame to see her fall so low. On the plus side, the chemistry between Leo and Cheung is worth watching and perhaps one of the few watch-able moments within this flick. Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu are their usual self and now it’s over a year since Kung Fu Hustle – in my honest opinion I have had enough of their antics. The effect is like Neo’s creating a really cool tagline, then everyone starts to repeat it again and again and finally what’s left is plainly a piece of annoying cliché. Leo Ku shows no sign of becoming an actor and quite frankly you should concentrate on singing. One of the few shining lights is cameo played by Wong Yat Fei, who is undoubtedly funny and amusing in what is a very limited screen time.

Overall, this movie is stupid, wacky and annoying. As much as I hate to say – this is HK cinema at its “running out of ideas mode”. Wong Jing is crazy, but why in the hell would Cecilia Cheung and Leo Ku fall for his trick again – I have absolutely no idea, but if this is as good as he can achieve, then for the sake of HK people, Mr. Wong please consider retirement, at least for 2006. Sure, there are some fun moments, but there are so far in between that it is almost non-existence. Indeed there are worst movies, namely the William Hung one, but with Cecilia Cheung on board, I expected far better, only to be left disappointed. Summing up, Kung Fu Sweetheart, isn’t total crap, but on the scale of 10, it is getting pretty damn close…

I rate it 3/10

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Genre: Action / Comedy
Director: Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Cecilia Cheung, Leo Ku, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah, Sammy, Wong Yat Fei
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), March 2006