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Nothing is impossible...not exactly!
Dayo Wong is one of HK’s funniest actors, but somehow for whatever reason he doesn’t seem to appear on the big screen often enough. I remember, first noticing his antics in the muddled yet acclaimed Donnie Yen’s flick – Legend of the Wolf, he was good. He went on to become a stand up comedian in various HK shows, including HK Films Award. In recent years, Wong have become far more active and perhaps for the greater good of the tiny industry. His self referential yet extremely comical antics in 2004’s acclaimed TVB series – To Catch the Un-catchable is probably Neo’s favourite TVB in recent years. It was witty, smart and intelligent and Wong’s comic timing makes him pleasing to watch. Come 2007, Wong has now appeared in a lot more flicks and finally a flick as the leading role here. While the film itself is wholly average, Wong is always a delight to endure and chuck in one of Neo’s favourite starlet – Cherrie Ying, the film ratings quickly ascend towards a mark beyond average.

Hong Kong people loves to have fist fights, that’s not to say that they are a violent bunch, as it is basically a drinking game. In Nothing is Impossible, as the title implies, any drinking game is possible from chicken dancing, poking this way and that way, and the more traditional ones, cheating dices and 15-20. Neo loves drinking games, not that he is any good at it, as he usually drinks more than he actually wins, but it is the invaluable feeling of mindless fun. Drinking games at Karaoke have now become a social norm, where people have found new ways to communicate to each other without much though. It is a brilliant invention, as people are no longer drinking for the sake of drinking, but rather for a reason and the games is just the icing of the fun.

So it is basically a movie that sort of requires you to know at least something about drinking games and then you will probably understand more of the technical jargon jokes. That’s not to say that you need to understand, as the movie isn’t exactly A Beautiful Mind which means it is pretty much mindless fun. With its predictable storyline and lacking in any real emotional attachment, it is really a movie to enjoy and relax, rather than dwell on it too much.

With that being said, Cherrie Ying is a heck of a talented actress, whose charm and slight sexiness can drive heaps of guys to their toes. Ying as always is natural in whatever role she plays, it is a shame that she has still not reach and fulfils the potential that she is so capable of. Yes, she is over the top here and her expression seems far-fetched, but still there is something about her that is so watchable. Just like the 2005’s crap – Kung Fu Mahjong 2, she was someone who is beyond the crap material. Likewise, Dayo Wong is suitably wasted in such a non-existence role on paper. However, Wong is a talented and natural when it comes down to comic timing. The good thing is that unlike Nick Cheung in his comedy days, who try so hard to be the next Stephen Chow, which he goes to the point of annoyance. Wong never attempts to over act and the result is clearing floating above the quality of the material. After impressing Neo in small roles within Star Runner, New Police Story and even Fatal Contact to an extent, rookie Andy On have good physical presence, but his acting is highly questionable here. Oh yea, the Mango chick was pretty hot too.

Alright, once again the review is about to end. Sometimes, the beauty of writing a review, is that memories of the movie comes flashing back, even though it have been weeks since I endured through this flick. I am a forgetful person and for all I know, this movie really doesn’t have much to say other than the fact that drinking is fun, drinking is good and drinking game is damn good. So seriously, this is really nothing special and like the lot of HK movies in 2006, it is just slightly above wholly average. The reason why – well it is quite simple, Dayo Wong is funny, Cherrie Ying is pretty and more importantly Neo loves drinking games. Okay, I am probably a bias review, but then again, who the heck cares, if you want some laughs, a couple of drinking nights, go vomit and put your mind into mindless mode, then seriously nothing is impossible…

I rate it 7/10

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Directed by: Lam Wah Chuen
Starring: Dayo Wong | Cherrie Ying | Andy On
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), February 2007