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Just for Kids only!
Before the time of 3D animations, Hollywood made brilliant productions and the most unforgettable childhood of Neo is Home Alone series. That was kid’s flick that adults can enjoy and now over 10 years on, Hollywood is no longer making that kind of flicks and likewise neither is HK. The market for kids in HK is small; just take a look at the amount of homework a kid gets, let alone time to go to the cinemas. In that Superkid is a rare of a gem, while I am not implying that it is a good movie, but at the very least it is a kid’s flick. It is the sort of mediocre effort that one would expect and quiet truthfully, it isn’t Home Alone, in fact a lot worst.

The movie goes like this: A super intelligent boy escapes from his "home", a lab created by a corporation. With a little girl he meets, he discovers the secret the corporation is hiding...

The highlight of this flick is not the movie itself, but the duo of kids’ acting talents – the award winning kid from Lost in Time shows great maturity and brings in an irresistible on-screen presence of the little role of super kid. A kid that is smart, but without a real natural childhood, this lad puts in yet another commanding performance. The girl on the other hand is borderline annoying and in fact she is your typical annoying sweet 6 year old. It is perhaps that the super kid lad is a league of his own that he deserves a better opposite lead. Like in Lost in Time he was simply up against the class of Cecilia Cheung and this is a hack of a difference. Gordon Lam appears as father of the girl and is ultimately well cast and played his role quite adequately.

The movie attempts to satirize the talent focused world of HK. Poses question of much more adult oriented – nature vs. artificial and eventually playing god. It is unfortunate that it never makes a mark on its point, but then again this is really a kid’s flick. So let’s not get too political.

Superkid is by no means a crap movie, but that doesn’t necessary make it a good one. It can be funny and cute at times, but it is also equally annoying. This lad is worth taking a look at and his maturity is way beyond his years. While the heights of Lost in Time are not reached, he is nonetheless the best kid actor around in HK. All in all, this is really a waste of time especially considering Neo is a weathered 20 years old. It might make you a kid again, but otherwise, unless you are under 12, don’t really bother…

I rate it 5.5/10

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Genre: Kids/Comedy
Director: Directed by CHA Chuen-Yee
Starring: JO Jung-Eun, Daichi HARASHIMA, LAM Ka-Tung, TIN Yui-Lee, Eunis CHAN and Amy YAN.
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), August 2006