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FUN... I mean... mindless fun!
We Are Family is a kind of movie that serves one purpose - mindless entertainment without any substantial values and thinking. That isn't necessarily a bad thing and in a way it works, but then again, it really depends on who the hell you are. One positive light about this flick is the welcome back of Alan Tam who takes on 3-4 roles in a hilarious turn and the ever wanna-be youngster - Hacken Lee in a leading role. One may think that this movie is stupid, which it is, but at the same time there are plenty of charming moments. It is fun and laughable, but at least it doesn't bore. Yes, my expectations of HK movies are getting lower and lower down the drain and in saying that I am extremely honest.
The movie goes like this: A young man is told by his girlfriend that, in order to marry her, he must get the permission from each member of her family. In the first movie project of Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, who formed one of the hottest singing teams in Hong Kong, Lee plays the young man and Tam plays his four future in-laws.

Alan Tam puts on his extensive experience by playing 4 characters with ages from 20-80. It is ironic that it has been 10 years since Alan's acclaimed role in Age of Miracles and finally he is able to shine as a granny. It is great to see him back and his pairing with Hacken is naturally indeed. Hacken Lee shows maturity and comic presence at times and carries the movie in a rather adequate way. Nothing special in the performance, but quite a likable person. The girl who I don't know who it is, is not bad at all. In that, I just mean the looks.

This isn't really a movie that is worth writing heaps about, as it is throwaway and disposable entertainment. It tries hard to be a UFO production or a Peter Chan's movie, but ultimately it just isn't anything more than mindless fun. It is fun to see Alan Tam plays a variety of roles and Hacken Lee trying to look younger, but sometimes being over the top can be a good thing, and sometimes it just gets too much. While this flick doesn't take itself seriously, I was expecting more and as foolish as I am, this is HK cinema. In other words, not a bad way to waste 90 minutes of your time.

I rate it 6.5/10

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Genre: Romance/Comedy
Director: Director: LO Kim-Wah.
Cast: Alan TAM, Hacken LEE, HU Jing, LEUNG Wing-Chung, Jeff WONG, WONG Wai, Patricia MOK, TSE GWAI, LO Koon-Lan, JENG Lai-Fan
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), July 2006