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Wong Jing is the ultimate loser…
Some movies are so smart that the viewers are overwhelmed. It is generally OK to look smart when you are humble. However, if you think you are damn smart and the fact that you are pretty damn stupid and lame, it just turns the audience “off”. Such is the case in Wong Jing’s Wise Guys Never Die and when you not only have Wong Jing as the director, writer, producer, but also the main leading role, this flick is really going to head one direction – hell. It is a shame that after a flawed, yet promising – Wo Hu, Wong Jing as expected, follow it up with a piece of lame crap. Then again, it’s becoming more like social norm than the unexpected. Sometimes, you really wish this flick to just work, especially when you have several hot babes baring it all, the newly improved reputation of Nick Cheung and a pack of cards. With that being said, the flick is not only disappointing, but it makes you feel sorry for the stupidity the entire cast has to go through.
Sometimes it is good to have ambition, but sometimes one also have to be realistic. Wong Jing may be arguably at best a capable director, but he is by no means in any destinations – a leading actor material. It is a disgrace to HK film industry and a full-on smack in the face to the leading actors of the tiny territory. Not only does he, not have the looks, but his acting is plainly crap and it is an insult for the audience to endure his face and unbearable antics on the big screen and the small screen. What’s worst is the unrealistic portrayal of Wong Jing as the ultimate mastermind that seems to “know it all” plus a player. Seriously, Wong Jing bedding the hot chicks is like saying William Hung with Jessica Alba! Get real man, it is both lame and bad for the viewer’s eyes. If this flick is directed by someone else, then at least, it makes Wong more credible, but when he is the one behind every one of those steamy hot scenes. It is clear that Wong Jing is more interested in touching and sexually harassing the hot chicks than actual filmmaking. All in all, it is a full on disgraceful performance that underlines a huge detrimental effect on the credibility of 2006 HK cinema.

With that being said, there are some better points, notably being the hot babes doing hot things here and there - including a pretty chick with just a piece of cloth, on the top of the HK peak. Extra points must be given to their brave performance as they handled the harassment of Wong Jing with grace and endurance.

As for Nick Cheung, who has become one of the better supporting actors in the last couple of years, mainly due to the Johnnie To’s effect, shows once again that comedy isn’t really his cup of tea. Whoever designed his hair – must either hate accountants (Neo doesn’t have a lame haircut like that) or he/she is just plainly bad taste. It is still a rhetorical question as to why Cheung actually starred in such a role, after receiving much praise from critics net wide. In a totally un-educated guess, Nick might have been coned by Wong Jing into thinking that this is a witty and smart drama. If that’s the case, then Neo must say that – Nick, you are really a stupid guy.

All in all, Wise Guys Never Die is not really a gambling film or a comedy, but rather a chance for Wong Jing to flirt and touch some innocent hot chicks. It is degrading and absolutely disgraceful to endure through the steamy spa scenes. To be honest, Neo does not recommend this flick in any fashion and if you have a chance, just stay away from it. Yes, it is an official warning. Yes, if Wong Jing is replaced by Tony Leung Chiu Wai – Neo will probably praise it as a daring performance. Yes, it has the chicks. Yes, it is from Wong Jing, but it is so damn stupid and the though of seeing Wong Jing in a leading role is really like the end of HK cinema. For the goodness of the world sake, please do not make a sequel or a prequel and do not let this happen again…

Note: All 3 rating points are given to the chicks that endured through this harassment event.

I rate it 3/10

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Genre: Comedy
Director: Wong Jing
Starring: Nick Cheung, Wong Jing, Alice Chan, Eddie Cheung, Jolie Chan
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo)