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As the saying goes, everything comes in three. Bad luck comes in three; good luck comes in three and apparently so does Wong Jing. After the disgraceful Kung Fu Mahjong 2, a third movie is certainly not required, but then again why would Wong Jing care. It is really a nonsense film and luckily it never seems to take itself seriously. The good news is that it is slightly better than the lame sequel, but the bad news is that it isn’t really a good film. Perhaps the only element worth relating to is the bad luck element that seems to parallel Neo’s life so far. It is by all means a cheap production and the use of usual TVB’s actors and actress, only further diminish the movie into an episode of TVB.

The movie goes like this: A master Mahjong player finds out his new stepmother is greedy at his family fortune...

Roger Kwok returns after making an absent from the sequel, but this time, he does not have to perform his trademark handicap role. While his performance in the first film, make the movie better than it deserves with his typical signature role, Kwok does nothing special here apart from being quite likable. Fellow TVB’s co-star, Shirley Yeung appears as the bad luck girl and as usual she is adorable and cute, but nothing else. The two does however share a somewhat cute chemistry and their first kiss scene on the cruise is quite funny to an extent. In a surprising way, Chan Pak-Cheung is actually funny without being an annoyance. His performance here is scene-stealing and provides some much needed comic relief. It is good to see Chan finally able to produce a performance that is worthy in Neo’s opinion.

All in all, Kung Fu Mahjong 3 is hopefully the final duel as it all but shows that Wong Jing has clearly run out of ideas. It is a shame that everything comes in three, when sometimes one is more than enough. One aspect of the film that is worthy of some sort of recognition is the comments that Chan Pak Cheung make about life and bad luck – even if you are plain bad luck, playing mahjong is the same as living your life, you should never give up until the end. It’s a cliché line that is seen in countless of movie, but it remains a true saying and a rare shining light on an absolutely nonsense film. Yes, KF3 is a bad movie, but to end on a good note, it is still better than Kung Fu Mahjong 2 and Chan Pak Cheung is actually funny – now that’s a rare sight…

I rate it 5/10.

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Directed by: Chester LAM.
Starring: Roger KWOK, Shirley YEUNG, XIA Yu, YUEN Qiu, Patricia LIU, CHAN Pak-Cheung, YUEN Wah, Sammy LEUNG.
Genre: Comedy/ Wong Jing
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), April 2007

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