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Title: See You in You Tube

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2008

Box Office: HKD$4,984,894.995

Director: Seven's

Producer: Oxide Pang Chun

Starring: Elanne Kong Yeuk-Lam, Janice Man Wing-San, Law Chung-Him, Maggie Lee Man-Jun, Zoie Tam Hoi-Kei, Siu Fei, Tommy Yuen Man-On, Gladys Fung Ho-Sze, James Ho Chung-Hung, Sam Wong, Race Wong Yuen-Ling, Stephen Gan Fock-Wai

Genre: Comedy


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A surprisingly fresh little flick...

Review by Neo: It comes as a certain surprise when a flick with possibly the worst film title of the year, ends up more fun than initially expected. Sure, it is silly, at time even to the point of frustrated cliches, but the good news is that fun can be had and sometimes having a fresh idea helps too. While the film may well have ventured into the clich¨¦s territory a few times, the way the film is shot and the manner in which it is plotted eludes a sense of freshness that is rarely seen in HK films nowadays. While the director possesses a wanna-be cool name in Seven, the film is well edited and produced by the reliable Oxide Pang. Still, See You in You Tube is a surprisingly enjoyable and fun film by all means.

Acting is certainly not something that any audience in the right type of mind will be looking forcefully for within such a film. While it doesn't go to the extend of being non-existence acting, but no one in the flick will be up for award winning standards anytime soon. Perhaps another factor that Neo enjoyed the film more than he should, is that the looks of the two leading girls (Elanne Kong Yeuk-Lam, Janice Man Wing-San) are both easily likable and pretty enough for the audience to endure the 90 minutes duration. Adding to the mix is Siu Fei, the guy with a great voice, but not matched by his face, creates further comedy and fun to the preceding. As for the rest of the supporting cast, some are pretty to look at, some are laughable and some of them, it just makes you wonder if anyone on the street can star in a HK movie nowadays.

As noted before, the film is adequately edited and some of the fast cutting camera work in the cleverly lighted and staged cemetery scene is well worth mentioning. In addition, some special mention in the funeral sequences further induces some ironic laughter. It is almost truism that this film is certainly cheap to look at, but sometimes, cheap laughs and cheap fun can be quite enjoyable.

All in all, See You in You Tube starts off with a fresh premise and while at times it venture into the cliches section, there is enough fun to be had, before the film reaches the final credits. Maybe, Neo is just undemanding or he is just in the mood for some new fresh ideas or quite frankly cheap laughs, but whatever the case is, See You in You Tube is certainly fun and more importantly it doesn't bore you either. In the end, the film possesses plenty of cheap fun and just like as it title seems to claim, if you like You Tube, then why not give this flick a chance...(Neo 2008)

I rate it 7.75/10

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