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Title: The Sparkle in the Dark

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2008

Box Office: N/A

Director: Tony Leung Hung Wah

Producer: Unknown (Let me know by email)

Writer: Unknown (Let me know by email)

Starring: Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Deep Ng Ho Hong, Mandy Chiang Nga Man, Lee Chi Hei, Xie Cheng Jun, Gina Lin Li Fei

Genre: Life


  • The Sparkle in the Dark-1
  • The Sparkle in the Dark-2



A well meaning piece of crap…

Review by Neo: While a well meaning movie may be a good thing, but it is almost truism to say that a movie needs to be entertaining. Unfortunately, director Tony Leung Hung Wah can only hit the mark on the first point and fail miserably in the second. With almost the entire cast of unknown mainlanders, except a few B-grades HK actors in the likes of Mandy Chiang from the Whisper and Moans fame, Kenny Kwan from 6AM and being a former popular Boyz group and Deep Ng attempting to relaunch a career after his drug taking fiasco. Surely any reasonable HK fans will not have picked up this flick and watched it, let alone have any sort of expectation. Sometimes, Neo feels like he is just wasting his time watching crappy flicks like this one, it is ok to be boring, but when it goes to the point of bad filmmaking, and Neo have no sympathy for it.

Mandy Chiang Nga Man is an actress that is not exactly pretty, but somehow easy to watch. She have seamlessly been in a variety of roles, from sex worker in Whisper and Moans, to gangster’s girlfriend in Midnight Running and more recently appearing in her career best performance, alongside the other Boyz, Steven Cheung in the better than expected horror flick, Yes, I Can See Dead People. Even though Mandy is still very much a B-grade actress, there is no doubt that she deserves better than this treatment. As for the other two blokes in Deep Ng and Kenny Kwan, their acting is just plain awful and in a matter of fact, both should go back to TVB acting school to brush up their skills before further humiliating themselves on the big screen.

Movies about people changing or helping people to change may sound like gospel to church going public, but this is really a movie. A movie should be allowed to be a movie, not to bore people to death after a long day of stressful work and throwing hard earned money and time in pieces to crap. Yes, Neo is frustrated, may be it is deal to his frustration and tiring day of work, but this does not give the film any excuse for being so crap. Sure, I have witness through worst scripts, worst acting, and even worst directing, but unfortunately Sparkle in the Dark comes closer to that end of the spectrum than the other way around. If you are reading this right now, then take a bow, as this flick certainly does not deserve your undivided attention. In fact, the current reviewer is regretting the time lost and will now promptly shut up and zip… (Neo 2008)

I rate it 0/10

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