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Title: Marriage with a Liar

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2010

Box Office: -

Director: Patrick Kong

Writer: Patrick Kong

Starring: Chrissie Chau, Chung Him Law, Carol Yeung, Timmy Hung, Kong Kim, Charmaine Fong, Jacquline Chong

Genre: Romance


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Typical Patrick Kong’s hopeless romance saved by breezy editing from Wong Jing...

Director Patrick Kong always forgets to edit his films and thus it becomes too long and too demeaning. Therefore, for once, Wong Jing’s cheap editing style works. In saying that, the running time is 80 minutes instead of a prolonged 100 minutes of more of the same. The problem with Kong’s film is not whether it sells or not, because it does. The flaw is that Kong offers nothing new, except for the fact that love really suck and dating and marriage is a hopeless endeavour. While it is true to a certain degree, Kong goes to the extreme and only show the worst side of a relationship. Then again, with the bumpy balls of Chrissie Chau and Carol Yeung in half naked positioning, Marriage with a Liar clearly sells.

One noticeable difference with this film and Kong’s previous, is the cheapness of the production values and look of the film. Clearly a product from the Wong Jing factory, Kong loses the glossy feeling with this effect. Honestly, who goes into a film witness an acting performance by the famed Chrissie Chau. Therefore, to judge her performance here, is extremely difficult. The fact is that she does her job here without being annoying. However the same cannot be said about Carol Yeung. While her assets are undoubtedly huge, her face is borderline unattractive and her ears are just terrible for her size. Seriously some thought should have been taken to use her hair to cover those ears, but this is not to be. Perhaps, there is such thing as ear fetish? Only Wong Jing and Kong will know for sure. As for the other two actors, they are nothing more than people to compliment the aforementioned duo of le-mo.

All in all, Marriage with a Liar is clearly a commercial success; it is basically what it is. If you have seen a Kong’s film, then there is nothing new or fresh. Love does suck to a certain degree and Kong was probably hurt quite badly in his dating experience, if you look at his movie track record as a guide. Still this is easily an improvement from movies like Marriage with a Fool and his numerous other titles. That is mainly due to some cut throat editing from Wong Jing. At the end of the day, ignoring the quality, acting, the same old Kong’s views on love, the movie works because it entertains. It entertains our eyes, ears and senses. What more, there is one scene near the ending, I was even slightly affected. This is what you call – disposable Hong Kong entertainment...(Neo 2011)

I rate it 6.5/10

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