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Title: Men Suddenly In Love

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2011

Box Office: -

Director: Wong Jing

Producer: Wong Jing

Writer: Wong Jing

Starring: Eric Tsang, Chapman To, Jim Chim, Wong Jing, Tat Dik

Genre: Comedy/Drama


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Typical Wong Jing – cheap, sleazy, commercial and hilariously bad...

Perhaps, I already expected it to turn out like this. It is interesting to witness how two director churn out two very difference movie with a similar premises. Where Pang Ho-Cheung’s Men Suddenly in Black (2003) was a smart black comedy, Men Suddenly in Love ruins all pretention and delivers a cheap thrills production. After all, it is a film created by Wong Jing and therefore, expecting quality is like expecting to find gold within a pile of poo. However, that’s not to say the film does not delivers cheap fun, but like all Wong Jing’s movie – it sells. The poster shows hot sexy chicks in bikini and 5 horny male stars. If it shows one thing that is true, it must be Wong Jing knows the market. The effect on the audience is like one buying a well advertised product, only to falters when using it at home.

Despite having both Eric Tsang and Chapman To (both starred in the far superior Men Suddenly in Black series), the film falters, as it fails to expose more of what we wanted. Christie Chau is wasted in such a small role that exposed nothing. Likewise, there is too little focus on the actually cheating event or the bed sequences to make this a truly sleazy production. If Wong Jing wants success, he needs to go to the extreme. Not advertise something and never follow through. The Hong Kong market nowadays is increasingly difficult to crack, therefore, for the audience to be willing to buy the price of the ticket, it needs to offer far more than what was delivered.

All in all, Men Suddenly in Love is not an outright bad film, but that’s only because it is barely watchable. It is watchable because, with Wong Jing, the audience have already come to an extreme low expectation. Having grown up alongside Wong Jing’s antics from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s, we have all realise what to expect from a Jing Production. Therefore, if one goes into this movie with lower standards, one might actually end up smiling. While I did have a few cheap laughs and will probably watch whatever flicks that comes out of the Jing factory. Sometimes, you just wonder if Jing really liked cinema, or he just plainly wanted to make money. A bad movie, but watchable...(Neo 2011)

I rate it 4.5/10

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