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Year: 2008

Box Office: US$4.76 million

Director: Rodrigo Garcia

Producer: Joseph Drake

Screenplay: Ronnie Christensen

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, Clea DuVall

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Tagline: A better than expected thriller…

Review by Neo: Anne Hathaway is one true beaut. Her eyes are big enough to cover an ice cream cone; her body shape is that of an adequate size. Not to mention, a wondrous smile to boot. Her career is surely leaping bounds of space, with the recent Oscar-nominated role in Rachel Getting Married and not to mention, her stunningly memorable display in Becoming Jane. Therefore, a film with the premises of Passengers is certainly not something; you would expect Anne Hathaway to be associated with. That’s not to say that Passengers is a really bad film, as it is not, but it just feels somewhat wasting the talents of Hathaway. Then again, I will never have picked up this title if it weren’t for her presence in the DVD cover. With all being said, it must be admitted that I was actually convincingly blown away by the emotional/shock impact in the final third of the flick, which in the process making the film better than it should be.

The movie goes like this: Anne Hathaway is a therapist who is nurturing a group of survivors of a plane crash and in the process hooked up and developed an attraction with one of the survivors, played by Patrick Wilson. Mysterious things start to happen as one by one survivor began to disappear.

What made the film works is clearly owing to the director Rodrigo Garcia. I must admit, that for a good three quarters of the film, I had a feeling that the film was going nowhere. Sure, I predicted some sort of twist will be around the corner, but what actually happened and the manner it was delivered, is quite frankly, spot on. For films within the genre it is in, plot holes and flaws are undeniably, but putting them aside, the way the film ended is certainly more convincing than not.

Anne Hathaway performs as expected in a role that requires minimal depth. However, she was able to make her character interesting enough for the audience to launch into the surprising ride near the climax. Her chemistry with Patrick Wilson seems natural enough without being forced and along the way; there are some moments of fun within the cheesy lines they play off each other. Certainly a role that does nothing to further Hathaway’s career, but it certainly does no harm either. Likewise, Patrick Wilson does well in a role that requires more charm than actual acting. Still he is adequate enough without dragging the film down with him.

All in all, Passengers is really a surprise package and given the fact that my expectations are minimal. Due to the lack of publicity and promotions surrounding the flick and quite honestly without the presence of Hathaway herself, I would never have picked it up anyway. So, for me personally, I was actually overwhelmed by the final third and being a big fan of films being able to somewhat emotionally connect with the audience, Passengers managed to convince. Basically, it is a film that you will either push it down the drain or simply allow the film to run through your emotional buttons and somehow turn out to be better than expected. For me, I selected to be apart of the second option, like a passenger sitting on a plane, going with the flow … (Neo 2009)

I rate it 6.5/10

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