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Album Title: Love & Living

Artist Name(s): 張敬軒 Hins Cheung

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Release Date: 27th May 2009

Language: Cantonese

Disc Format(s): CD

Genre: Pop


01. 溺愛 Doting

02. 留低鎖匙 The Keys I Kept

03. 故園花茶 Floral Tea in the Garden

04. 披星戴月 Under the Stars and Moon

05. 相對論 Relativity

06. 單打獨鬥 On Their Own

07. 失戀有獎 Prizes For Lost in Love

08. 無名指的光環 The Ring Around My Finger

09. 未來的回憶 Future Memories

10. 曝光 Exposure(Dance Version)

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Hins Cheung hits the mark once again…

Review by Neo: Chasing back, I still remember, Hins Cheung¡¯s first album, a good voice, interesting lyrics which all combined together as one of the key findings of 2006. Since then, Hins Cheung has created even better songs, with one of my favourite faster songs in Ardently Love. The latest Cantonese album Love & Living is a perfect example of what I would call as an extremely listenable one. With all 10 tracks at the very least listenable, it is always a pleasure to pick out the best songs from the album. In this scenario, I must admit that there are 5 songs worthy of being shortlisted.

Let¡¯s begin with the best song of all the tracks, by starting with Track 08. 無名指的光環 (The Ring Around My Finger). This song strikes me and hit me with the right tone, pace and some memorable and catchy lyrics. One of the best lines remain the following: "鬧市風吹散雲 愿你信我仍然純品的初吻." Moving on, the next song worth noting is Track 02 留低鎖匙 (The Keys I Kept) and the best thing about this song, is well written lyrics and not to forget the memorable chorus line: "留低這串鎖匙 回歸這疊情書". The other contenders include, Track 04 披星戴月 (Under the Stars and Moon), Track 06 單打獨鬥 (On Their Own) and to a certain degree Track 09 未來的回憶 (Future Memories). While the three are good songs and clearly stand out from the unmentioned ones, they just somehow fails to touch my inner listening soul.

All in all, it is probably safe to say that Love and Living is easily one of the better HK albums in2009 and one of the most listenable whole albums in recent years. It is clear that Hins Cheung have plenty of potential and his development and progress have been a good one. With a little bit of luck and persistent, I have no illusions that one day Hins Cheung will become the next Eason Chan in his own right … (Neo 2009)

I rate it 8.5/10

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