[DVD] Throw Down 柔道龍虎榜 (2004) - Hong Kong

[DVD] Throw Down 柔道龍虎榜 (2004) – Hong Kong


It’s been 7 years since I last watched this film and like red wine, it gets better with age. Back then, I didn’t appreciate the full perspective displayed by the ever-green Johnnie To. Throw Down is a film that uses the “show not tell” principle to perfection. It does not use words or flashbacks to tell the audience what happened, but rather uses raw emotions, close facial expressions, brutal desire to pursue a dream, a warm brotherly embrace and the simple innate human nature of will power to continue on in life. It is a powerful film that makes the audience works hard and ultimate the result is a film that involves and emotes the senses of the audience. Years ago, I only see the film as just displaying one point – getting thrown down and standing up again. Now the film shows much more and I am sure years down the track, I will find something else in this small little piece of gem…


Neo rates it 8/10.

Directed by Johnnie To
Starring: Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying