[DVD] Like Crazy (2011) - USA

[DVD] Like Crazy (2011) – USA

“Like Crazy” is one of those films that you either click completely or disconnect in isolation. Not unlike “Going the Distance”, the film deals with the age old issue of long distance relationships. It is never easy. Those moments when you look around you at a restaurant full of romancing couple and there you are looking and holding sake glass all by yourself, convincing that you have a girlfriend somewhere across the Pacific. It’s simply difficult and “Like Crazy” succeeds in depicting exactly that very mood.

Casting the duo Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin are simply a stroke of cinematic genius. From their first encounter at the coffee, it was frankly awkward, yet there is something about the two that glues them together. The manner in which both interacts, embrace, touch and feel about each other is just astonishing to watch. The agony when the two are separated by a trivial visa issue is easily heartfelt and understandable. Of the two, Felicity Jones outshines the Anton Yelchin in the display of affection, emotions and relate-ability from the very beginning. She depicts that kind of affection and longing for someone that can only be relatable for those that understand the matter at hand. Hunger Games’ heroine Jennifer Lawrence is wasted in a supporting role, but shines through sheer beauty and the moment she left Anton Yelchin’s apartment one last time, the bittersweet look on her face is priceless.

All in all, “Like Crazy” is by no means a perfect film affair, but rather it is very much a personal experience to ensure. The filmmaker ingeniously leaves an ambiguous ending. In an interview director Drake Doremus said that he purposely opened the ending, as by the end of the film the audience would already be exhausted by the relationship and with girl stepping out of the shower there can really be one outcome. In other words just a matter of time. For that, the film earns extra points and at the end of the day, if you like the film, it is almost impossible not to be bias and for that I shall leave it at that…

Neo rates it 7.5/10