[DVD] On the Edge 黑白道 (2006) - Hong Kong

[DVD] On the Edge 黑白道 (2006) – Hong Kong


This is probably a film that a lot of people missed out on during 2006. Back then, this was probably one of the better movies of the year and the status remains despite 5 years after. The film was made on the backdrop of an era where undercover cops have been given cult status after the success of 2002’s Infernal Affairs. For me, On the Edge succeeds on a number of levels, firstly as a character driven drama, secondly in refining the career of Nick Cheung and finally as an engaging drama. Still, On the Edge is by no means perfect; it fails to live up to its promise. It is simply a film that could have been great and settled for second best. Then again, the film poses one of the most memorable scenes with Francis Ng and Nick Cheung in the car. Ng (the triad boss) asks Cheung (undercover cop) – “How long have you been a cop?” Cheung replies “7 years”, Ng continues “How long have you been with me?” Cheung claims “4 years”. Ng smartly charms “At least it is not because we don’t pay you enough, so you have to work part time!” For me, the film works because it focuses on characters and with the scene stealing Francis Ng, ever dependable Anthony Wong, the improving Derek Tsang and a convincing yet difficult display of conflicting emotions by Nick Cheung, On the Edge rises above expectations and succeeds…


Neo rates this 8/10.

Directed by Herman Yau.
Starring: Nick Cheung, Francis Ng, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Rain Li.