[DVD] The Way We Were 算吧啦,老豆! (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] The Way We Were 算吧啦,老豆! (2011) – Hong Kong


The Way We Were is something that Hong Kong cinema needs – creative, different, character driven, funny and ultimately heart warming. It is exactly what you call a light hearted movie that never takes itself too seriously. Liu Kai Chi impresses as the guy who never gives up on his dream and at the same time dealing with the fact that he is a failed father. Fiona Sit suits up well in a role that requires more than on paper. At the end of the day, this is an interesting and easily missed little film that works. The Way We Were may not make a single cent at the box office, but it is certainly the most underrated Hong Kong film of the year…


Neo rates it 8/10.

Director: Lau Kin-Ping, Hui Shu-Ning

Cast:Fiona Sit, Liu Kai-Chi, Pakho Chau, Tats Lau, Pal Sinn