Careless Love (2012) - Australia

Careless Love (2012) – Australia

This is a great film and that’s not an understatement. In fact, it is one of the finest Australian films in ages. That’s not exactly saying a lot, but it is a tremendous achievement for the local film industry. With the much missed director/writer John Duigan on board “Careless Love” is deep, thoughtful, well-shot, possesses excellent cinematography and filled with heart-felt performances all-round.

With all honesty, newcomer Nammi Le is a wonderful new talent. Le in the leading role of a prostitute paying her way through university is able to captivate the audience attention from the get-go. The manner in which she approached an extremely difficult character that is trying hard to conquer her own demons of having a double life and drawing a line between love, family and sex is nothing short of amazing to watch. Veteran Peter O’Brien (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) stars as a customer who befriend Le, works extremely well in a paper-thin role and especially dialogue between the two adds some dimension to the movie. While Andrew Hazzard (from the local “Home and Away” TV series) is at home as the romantic interest, but offers nothing special. Others like Ivy Mak turns in an interesting supporting role as a fellow prostitute and her expressions in the scene when she is raped by an Aussie cop is nothing short of memorable.

All in all, “Careless Love” is a great Australian movie given its budget constraint and subject matter. What makes the film work is simply the exquisite performance from Nammi Le and credits to director John Duigan for delivering an engaging and touching situation that can happen almost anywhere in the world. While there are shortfalls when one look at the film in much clearer details, “Careless Love” remains one of the Australian films to beat for 2012… (Neo 2012)

Neo rates it 8/10