[SFF12] Killing Anna (2011) - Australia [Short Film]

[SFF12] Killing Anna (2011) – Australia [Short Film]

@ 59th Sydney Film Festival

Killing Anna is an outstanding attempt to capture raw emotions about the process that goes along forgetting someone after breaking up. Breaking up is never easy and it usually hurts more on the receiving ends. What director/editor/producer/main star Paul Gallasch did an amazing job in creating a highly enjoyable 29 minutes affair about something so personal to himself. Usually personal stories are difficult to be accessible to the audience and for that Gallasch is able to bring the viewers along for the ride and in turn allowing them to engage with him as well. It is a commendable effort by all means, ably edited good use of voiceovers and more importantly filled with some decent (real life) acting from Gallasch himself.

All in all, when reviewing a short film, it is all about potential and making use of the allocated time-slot without boredom moments in between. It is never easy to engage the audience in such a short running time, but Killing Anna did exactly that. By the end of the film, not only did Gallasch literally created a career path for himself, but also more importantly allowing him to be ready to move on and tackle the next girl ahead. A fine little relatable film… (Neo 2012)

Neo rates it 8.5/10