[DVD] Beach Spike 熱浪球愛戰 (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] Beach Spike 熱浪球愛戰 (2011) – Hong Kong


If you watch Beach Spike as a film, it will be so terrible that you just want to smash the TV screen in front of you. However, Beach Spike is not a film, but rather a showcase for the “le-mo” bouncing up and down in their bikini and on a beach playing volleyball. While the film first few volleyball match seems to satisfy the eager awaiting candy coated eyes of the drooling audiences. The same cannot be said about the final showdown. Rather than focusing on key body parts, the camera cuts and edits and fade away. For the expecting audience, this is clearly bad filmmaking at its worst. Therefore coming into this film, it is best to not view this as a film, but rather a chance to get to know the likes of Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu and Jessica C. Apart from that, fans of Lam Suet can rejoice. Otherwise, stay away.


Neo rates it 2/10.

Director: Tony Tang
Cast: Chrissie Chau Sau-Na, Theresa Fu Wing, Jessica C, Phoenix Valen, Him Law, Lam Chi-Sin, Lam Suet