[DVD] Welcome to the Rileys (2010) - USA

[DVD] Welcome to the Rileys (2010) – USA


Welcome to the Rileys is a film that takes human emotions seriously. It spend a lot of time with the characters, concentrating on small details, the things they do and the way they live and interact. It is in all essence about how different people deal with problems in life in their own ways. What impresses me here is certainly how well Kristen Stewart played her role. Stewart is undoubtedly talented, but here she is full of raw emotions, real and ultimately flawed. Not an easy role to play, but she pulled it off beautifully. James Gandolfini gives a conflictingly good performance and as does Melissa Leo. All in all, Welcome to the Rileys takes you on a journey and keeps you there. Maybe not affecting, but a good film nonetheless…


Neo rates it 7.5/10.

Director: Jake Scott
Stars: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo, David Jensen