Love in Space 全球熱戀 (2011) - China

Love in Space 全球熱戀 (2011) – China


Surprisingly Love in Space works and despite using all the clichés, corny love quotes and cheesy confessions of love. It works because the film never takes itself too seriously, nor does it try to be profound. It is a simple Fruit Chan’s production that shows couples getting together and nothing more. Indeed, chemistry between co-stars is a must and the casting is undoubtedly a success. Aaron Kwok and Rene Liu convinces as a corny space couple, Eason Chan and the talented Guey Lun Mei shows honest emotions and surprising Angelababy impresses for the first time. With some parts of the film being shot in Sydney, one must question why isn’t more films shot in this beautiful city. Despite all the cheesiness and corniness, the film somehow reminded me to treasure someone more. All in all, Love in Space works and it makes me happy….

love in space_aaron kwok_rene

Neo rates it 7.5/10.

Directed by Tony Chan, Wing Shya.
Starring: Rene Liu, Aaron Kwok, Lunmei Kwai, Eason Chan.