Two Stupid Eggs 大电影2.0之两个傻瓜的荒唐事 (2007) - China

Two Stupid Eggs 大电影2.0之两个傻瓜的荒唐事 (2007) – China

Finally a decent Mainland produced comedy…

Review by Neo: Hong Kong actors haven’t actually been given any sort of good treatment with mainland produced comedies, just take a glimpse at Francis Ng in Karmic Mahjong, Eric Tsang and Gigi Leung in Dangerous Games and Richie Ren and HK adopted hottest chick in Fan Bing Bing within Contract Lover. The aforementioned flick has all one thing in common, and that’s apart from being made in China, but being plain crap movies. So it is a welcome surprise that one of HK’s brightest talents, Annie Liu gets a better script and the result is actually a decent mainland comedy at last. While it is true that Two Stupid Eggs could have been better, but as far as mainland comedy is concern, it is probably as good as it gets. Then again, it depends of the awaiting audience as to whether or not you are from Mainland or Hong Kong, as the back cover of the Dangerous Games will tell you: “this is Eric Tsang’s best performance since Comrades, Almost a Love Story.” Imagine telling that to any Hong Kong people, well at least the current reviewer cannot imagine it happening. Luckily, Two Stupid Eggs can easily stake the claim that it is much better than the rest of the pack and that’s a big step of achievement alone.

Annie Liu is one actress that Neo earmarked for future success. Ever since her eye catching debut in Wong Ching Bo’s Ah Sou and then following that up with a good performance in Exodus, Liu have been compared by many of her peers as the next Brigitte Lin. Whether or not that is true, it remains an outlying question, but this chick definitely has the potential. It is a talent that comes natural and while Liu isn’t outright beauty, she does have this undeniable charm and good looks that make her all the most likable to watch. Just before half the reader’s population goes off thinking that you will see Liu in the nude, it goes without saying that it will surely comes with disappointment that she didn’t.

Mainland actor Guo Tao is easily a good actor and it really shows how he can so seamlessly talk to himself so often and yet the audience will still find it more amusing and self-referential than annoyance. His chemistry with Liu is believable, though at the beginning, it is hard to believe what got Liu attracted to him, but as it wears on, the chemistry just gets better. HK actor Gordon Lam appears in a desperate cameo and others like Sam Lee and the Mainland chick adds humour and fun to the proceeding.

Without a question, this flick contains some injections of humour and the scene where Sam Lee and Guo Tao goes on an audition not unlike the style of American Idol judges is fun to watch. Still, Two Stupid Eggs is really yet another case of what could have been. This flick surely contains plenty of fun to be had and the leverage of black humour as well as a trying to be smart premises certainly helps the preceding. It is good that this flick tries hard to be funny and aims to be inducing laughs, but the problem lies in the filmmaker trying to also inject seriousness and being overtly smart to the proceeding. It is good to be ambitious, but it also requires a better script. Still, there is a lot to like about Two Stupid Eggs and as far as Mainland produced comedies with HK actors are concern, this flick is very much at the front of the pack… (Neo 2008)

I rate it 6.75/10