Yes, I Can See Dead People 惡男事件 (2008) - Hong Kong

Yes, I Can See Dead People 惡男事件 (2008) – Hong Kong

A redeeming finale act…

Review by Neo: Good horror movies are hard to come by and good HK horror is even more of a rarity. So the latest teen horror flick starring Steven Cheung comes as more of a surprise than anything. Still, Yes, I Can See Dead People is by no means a perfect horror flick, as the opening 45 minutes drags you almost to the point of boredom. Luckily the 2nd half more than pick up the pace and unlike most HK movies, who fail to finishes of, this flick ends on a fairly high note. The finale is certainly something to be proud of as the audience is manipulated to feel for what is happening and the clever use of flashback easily aids the emotional cause. Still, the first 45 minutes hampers the film immensely and the result is making Yes, I Can See Dead People, an above average flick at best. If only the film starts from the 50 minutes mark, it could easily have been a good little accomplishment.

For those that know Neo by now, he is someone that embraces the idea of eye candies and this flick certainly have one. This comes along in the form of newcomer (Kathy Yuen Ka-Yi), whose steer pretty face and smile makes up for her lack of acting or rather non-existent character. Relatively newcomer Mandy Chiang from the fame of B-movies like A Mob Story isn’t exactly a pretty face, but there are glimpses of acting potential in some of the ghostly encounters. As for Steven Cheung, this is without any doubt, his best acting display as he is able to drip within some humorous self-referential along with some moments of serious acting chops. Certainly a much better actor than his former Boyz partner Kenny and that’s not really saying much though.

So why is this movie better than the usual HK horror fare? Perhaps it is just that 99% of HK horror movies nowadays end in disappointing or it is so cheesy and over the top that it is just plain stupid. Somehow, Yes, I Can See Dead People ends better than it starts and the result is an emotional attaching finale and an almost satisfying second act. However, by the time the credit begins the roll, the movie is ultimately a forgettable affair, but not in a bad way.

All in all, Yes, I Can See Dead People is a par above the usual HK horror fare and that’s alone is a little accomplishment worthy of some sort of celebration. Ignoring the opening 45 minutes, the acting is actually quite adequate; the pacing picks up from the second half, the newcomer (Kathy Yuen Ka-Yi) face is pretty enough to sustain Neo’s attention and the impacting finale more than compensate for the taking of the journey. So it is recommended that the eagerly awaiting viewers to grab the VCD version, so that you can go straight to Disc 2 rather than heading to the exit by the end of Disc 1… (Neo 2008)

I rate it 7/10