[DVD] The Graduate (1967) - USA

[DVD] The Graduate (1967) – USA


As much I love movies, I actually never thought, I would watch a 60s classic. In saying so, The Graduate isn’t your usual cliche fair; in fact it is something special. Apart from launching Dustin Hoffman’s career, The Graduate provides a cynical view on love, relationships and life. In doing so, it feels more like a Woody Allen movie and without a doubt for the next 40-50 years it has inspired, referred or referenced by many other films. I remember in 500 Days of Summer, there is a quote – “Tom completely mis-read The Graduate”. Years ago, I will probably have mis-read this film as well, perhaps it is timely I waited till now. Regardless, this is truly a wonderful film and a magnificent soundtrack to boot…


Neo rates it 9/10.

Directed by Mike Nichols.
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katharine Ross.