[DVD] The Fortune Buddies 劲抽福禄寿 (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] The Fortune Buddies 劲抽福禄寿 (2011) – Hong Kong


TVB is no stranger to making relevant and entertaining HK movies. Once again starring Wong Cho Nam, Eric Tsang and everyone else you can name in TVB. It’s rare for HK cinema nowadays to produce a movie that is for the HK audience, about HK culture, life and people. The Fortune Buddies stay true to this and in turn produce a movie that is incoherent, yet fun, uneven yet interesting and mo-lei-tau yet entertaining. In a way, this film cannot be assessed as a movie, but rather as a snapshot of fun that HK people need and require. All in all, The Fortune Buddies is one of the better HK films to come out of the tiny territory and that’s an achievement alone. Definitely worth viewing as a mindless, painless, fun time killer event…

Neo rates it 7/10.

Directed by Chung Shu Kai
Starring: Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho-lam, Johnson Lee, Fiona Sit, Maggie Cheung, Fala Chen, Pauline Wong