House of the Invisibles 一楼一鬼 (2007) – Hong Kong

Yet another non-scary C-movie…

It’s been a while that I have seen a recent HK film that is filmed with such low production values and absolutely cheap casting. Apart from Lam Suet, an A-list supporting actor in his own right and perhaps Wayne Lai, a frequent TVB lead nowadays, the rest are a bunch of C-list actors that are not even wanted by the TVB network. Expectations are definitely low and Neo was certainly expecting the worst of the worst. Sometimes, going into a film with ultra low expectations, may actually make the film better than it is. However, despite this flick being better than expected, it is still a piece of junk that doesn’t really make any sense and like all other B-horror flick, it is not scary at all.

With all the criticism on hand, there are a couple of highlights, in an otherwise pretty dim flick. Lam Suet stands out in his usual way, Wayne Lai overacts as he always does and Natalie Ng does adequately as a seducer in a sexy way. Natalie Ng is someone that deserves a better role, as Neo still remembers her from the coming of age flick Un Baiser Vole where she seduces Stephen Fung in the university campus. It was a good performance and her sexual urge was humorous to watch, but somehow Ng never made it big and it is disappointing that she is now reduced to a cameo in a C-movie.

All in all, House of Invisibles is really hard to be recommended in any aspect and perhaps it is a film that should never have come out. Calling it a film is already an accomplishment and some credit should be given to the first time director for a tying everything up finale. Ultimately the film suffers immensely from the ultra low production values and cheap sound effects, but for a movie filled with C-list actors, it is probably safe for Neo to call it – a better than expected C-movie… (Neo 2007)

I rate it 4.5/10

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