Lethal Angels 魔鬼天使 (2006) - Hong Kong

Lethal Angels 魔鬼天使 (2006) – Hong Kong

A Naked Killer/Weapon wanna-be…

While back in the 90s, a movie from the Wong Jing’s factory called Naked Killer caused some sparks and even a small cult following, the formula of using hot chicks as lethal weapons isn’t exactly that original. In the 21st, Wong Jing attempted to continue to cash in by producing an awfully acted, yet graced by the sexiness of Maggie Q and Anya. Now director Steven Cheng attempted to continue the legacy and the result is even cheaper than the two predecessors and compounding with some truly awful acting. It is still a huge question mark across Neo’s mind right now, as to how can someone so criminally under-use the ever charming Cherrie Ying and how the hell did they manage to grasp a hold on Jordan Chan to even appear in such a non-existent role. Perhaps the answer is replicated to the fact that it is a Charlie Heung production, but seriously Lethal Angels struggles to be qualifying as a movie and sometimes being sexy is just not enough.

While it is undeniable that there are plenty of moments within sexiness and appeal that the flick is able to consent out, but being sexy is one thing and being able to act is another. Despite the fact that Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying is embracing the audience on a false marketing DVD cover, the leads of the film is really Andy On and Tawianese model Tien Hsin. Tien Hsin is sexy and there are some shots of her that are worthy of taking pictures for a feature magazine, but when it comes to acting she seems more artificial and wooden than raw. Being the lead of the film, her abilities to portray emotions is rather forced and difficult to endure. Perhaps the only moment that she really convinces is when she kisses Andy On and the procedure that comes after. Likewise Andy On fails to impress once again and continue to confirm that his scene stealing performance in Star Runner is a one off fluke.

Sometimes, Neo just wonder what the hell is within the director’s mind. Why cast Cherrie Ying in such a non-existent role. Cherrie Ying is without doubt a heck of a natural talent and the beauty combines well with her figure and a hint of innocence. Ying is wasted in a role that the audience hardly even notice her and let’s hope that she does not become the next Kristy Yang. Likewise, Jordan Chan is critically annoying and suitably wasted in a role that is more suited for B-list actors than a talent like Chan. If Chan continues to stare in such nonsense roles, his career is heading the direction of suicide.

All in all, Lethal Angels is really one heck of a bad movie and sometimes Hong Kong movies should draw a margin between what qualifies as a movie as what qualifies as not. It is a shame that director Cheng fails to make use of the talents in Cherrie and Jordan and likewise fails miserably in casting Andy On and Tien Hsin as the leads. While Wong Jing’s Naked series was at the very least mindless entertainment, Lethal Angels is totally mindless and even at times sexy, but minus the fun part. The result is a below average B-movie and really even Wong Jing could have done better… (Neo 2007)

I rate it 3.75/10