The 33D Invader 蜜桃成熟時33D (2011) - Hong Kong

The 33D Invader 蜜桃成熟時33D (2011) – Hong Kong

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This is the film that the much hyped Sex & Zen 3D should have been – fun, sleazy, carefree and not taking itself too seriously. 33D Invader works because it never tries to be complicated, but keeping the story simple and easy to follow. It is also aided by some good casting calls, namely the foursome of Japanese AV actresses. If you have to compare, the quality of the girls in this film, it is far superior to Zen 3D. From the face to the body and the numerous sequences of body language and physical action, the film invokes the height of the 90s HK cinema when this genre is still very much in public interest. It is great to see Cat III getting a presence in HK cinemas once again. All in all, 33D Invader is a light hearted and action-packed Cat III movie that we have all grown up to enjoy and the film that Sex & Zen 3D aspires to become…

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Neo rates it 6/10.