1911 Revolution 辛亥革命 (2011) - China

1911 Revolution 辛亥革命 (2011) – China

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There is a moment in this latest propaganda film directed by Jackie Chan where they try to compare the French Revolution (1799) with the Chinese Revolution. As you know, the French Revolution involves a little man named Napoleon Bonaparte. More interestingly, Napoleon boldly claimed – “I am the revolution.” I am not sure that is the kind of selfish nature that the Chinese government is after, but that’s for another day. Sun Yat-Sen is probably a selfless man and that’s a rare quality, but as a film, 1911 does not work. It is far too uneven, confusing and even to the point of boredom at times. Sure, there are some good bits and pieces, but Jackie Chan misses the mark in directing a patriotic version of a history lesson, rather than a movie experience. In fact, the focus is squarely on Sun Yat-Sen’s character that the film tends to neglect everyone else in the movie, including developing Jackie Chan’s Huang Xing role. By neglecting those around him, the film never seems to engage, involve or move the audience as a result. Perhaps, Chan should have been more self-indulgent and selfish, by focusing more on himself, but then again this would have been another film altogether. It is by no means a fail attempt at something different from Chan, but sometimes, trying hard is not good enough. I don’t know what more to say, but the film just doesn’t work for me…


Neo rates it 5.5/10