Life Without Principle 奪命金 (2011) - Hong Kong

Life Without Principle 奪命金 (2011) – Hong Kong

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This is certainly a departure from Johnnie To’s usual work, but nonetheless, it is a film that is easy to like and relate. With the Greek financial crisis as the backdrop for a story about greed, human nature and life. It is one of those films that does not feel like a complete episode, but rather the sums of its parts. What I like about To’s film is that they are so efficient and there is also recurring themes in all his films – life is about taking chances, random events of luck, expect the unexpected and the human nature of greed. His ability to present simple stories into a smooth cinematic experience is simply wonderful to endure. Although the film breaks no new grounds on the topic of greed in the financial market and especially Hong Kong people, it is still a worthy addition to 2011’s HK cinema. Perhaps two words that best describe this film would be – simple and efficient. After all, as Mr. Gekko used to say – “Greed is good”…


Neo rates it 7.5/10.