[DVD] The Law of Attraction 萬有引力 (2011) - Hong Kong/China

[DVD] The Law of Attraction 萬有引力 (2011) – Hong Kong/China


With Hong Kong productions at an all time low, it’s almost imperative for Mainland movies to step up its game. While historically known for making good period pictures, China have finally come of age in delivering a romantic drama that the modern audience can relate to. While the film is really scattered and uneven in terms of quality, with the first two stories earning all the marks and attractions before falling downhill from the third and last episode. The first story is simply pitch perfect in its acting and delivering about finding love while the second oozes with quality in the star duo of Zhang Jingchu and Jiang Wen. However, the same as not be said about the third, despite its honest intention in showing the aftermath of a cheating couple, the delivery is terrible and Karen Mok can do nothing to assist the process. As for the final piece of the puzzle, the story is inaccessible and downright terrible. As a result, Law of Attraction is a film of two parts. If the film ended with Zhang Jingchu trying their hardest with getting a baby, it is an easy 8/10. However the final two segments fail miserably with 4/10 at best. All in all, Law of Attraction is a clear departure from the norm and even if only half of it is any good, China is finally heading the right direction…


Neo rates it 6.5/10

Directed by Zhao Tianyu (趙天宇)
Cast: Karen Mok (Mei), Zhang Jingchu (Xuelian), Guo Tao (Wang Yong, Xuelian’s husband), Leon Dai (Zhou Yunshan, Mei’s husband), Wen Zhang (Gao Yuan), Bai Baihe (Shi Xiaolin), Duan Bowen (Song Haiqiao), Huang Huan (Jiaxin).