In Time (2011) - USA

In Time (2011) – USA

“Will Salas: For a few immortals to live, many people must die.”

In Time Movie

“In Time” is the type of film that transcends grip onto the audience and never let go till the final minutes. It is what you call an effective science fiction thriller that is both original and interesting. It is one of those chase movie that never stops. What makes “In Time” so effective is because the underlying theme talks about time and money. There is a line in the film, “the rich can only be immortal, if the poor are dying”. Imagine living in a world where time is literally money. It other words, the time you spend alive depends on how rich you are. It all sets up an interesting premises and the casting is pitch perfect, with Justin Timberlake impresses this time around as a poor person who wants to put the wrong things right and the ever sexy and dependable Amanda Seyfried as daughter of the richest man in the world. Although all these does not sound groundbreaking, the film doesn’t have to be. It is entertainment with a hint of originality and a bit about life. In the real world, when time is limited, “In Time” is exactly what you want to ask for…


Neo rates it 7/10.