Drive (2011) - USA

Drive (2011) – USA

“Shannon: I know a lot of guys who mess around with married women, but you’re the only one I know who robs a place to pay back the husband.”


The only reason I watched this film at the cinemas, is because it won Best Director at my favourite film festival at Cannes. In fact, Drive is by no means an outright good film, as the opening 20 minutes is quite simply a bore fest. Fortunately, this is the kind of film that finishes strongly and even saying that, this is clearly an understatement. Drive finished with a blast of a big bang! Ryan Gosling is one of the best and versatile actors in Hollywood today and once again he does not disappoint. In the role of a soul-less driver who simply drives for a living, Gosling is able to portray a character in a middle of a dilemma when he meets next-door neighbour, played by the uniquely talented face of Carey Mulligan. The film really do pick up from the 30 minute mark and never stops from there. The killings and bloodbath goes from soft-core to eventually hardcore. The scene at the lifts, allows Gosling to release his emotions by continuously bashing the victim with great effect. All in all, Drive may not be worthy of the hype nor the Cannes Award, but it is certainly without doubt, one of the strangest, unique, yet good movie experience of the year. In fact, if you can get past the opening bore-fest, you will be pleasantly rewarded…


Neo rates it 7.5/10.