[DVD] Cool Young 正青春/土與火 (2011) - China

[DVD] Cool Young 正青春/土與火 (2011) – China


Chinese modern romantic drama have been given a real focus in 2011 by the usually conservative mainland filmmakers. Cool Young is another example of effective storytelling about love, relationships and fun. It is a kind of film that one would grown to expect from Taiwanese cinema, but this is a good one. In fact, the story is quite simple, yet the director smartly plays with time and goes back and forward with great effect. For these kind of movies to work, there must be a beautiful actress at work and in 王子文 Ziwen Wang, she is simply amazing to watch. I still remember the cleverly depicted scene when she walks out the hospital, her sad eyes told it all. The director is clever in the way he structured the film, allowing the audience to see what’s happening through some subtle interplay and playfulness in the editing room. Not to mention, Cool Young is really at its core a film that has nothing much to say, but still it manages to engage, the characters however unreal, seems real and the chemistry between the two leads manage to pull off a coup. All in all, Cool Young is certainly not a film that breaks any new grounds, but rather it is another step in the right direction for movie making in China. Now that’s enough hope for today…


Neo rates it 6.5/10.

赵燕国彰 YanGuozhang Zhao
王子文 Ziwen Wang
张进 Jin Zhang
周木杨 Muyang Zhou
赵亚男 Yanan Zhao
严俊熙 Junxi Yan
王玉众 Yuzhong Wang
王乐乐 Lele Wang