[DVD] Sleepless Fashion 與時尚同居 (2011) - China/Taiwan

[DVD] Sleepless Fashion 與時尚同居 (2011) – China/Taiwan


Sleepless Fashion starts with an interesting premises and a done to death plotline, about the underdogs fighting to win against the odds, instead this time it is about the fashion business. Unfortunately the film and execution and last quarter act never live up to its expectations, instead what we get are shortcuts, taking the easy route out and ending up being worst than cliché. There is nothing wrong with a film being cliché as long as it is fun, but this film drags and the fun and joke wears out around the mid way point. When you need Lam Suet to appear on-screen and stir a couple of laughs, then you know the film can’t be heading the right direction. Still, Vic Chou shows some screen presence, despite being wooden and stiff, while the much missed Vivian Hsu is steadily cute eyed as though she hasn’t aged one bit since her nude photo shoot days. Meanwhile, the every-green Alan Tam does well as the villain/boss and Lam Suet shows up and steals the screen. All in all, Sleepless Fashion is pretty much a disappointment, considering how much Chinese modern cinema have improved. It is sad, but true that this film seems to go back to how they used to make Mainland productions and that’s just disappointing…


Neo rates it 4/10