[DVD] Perhaps Love 如果.愛 (2005) - Hong Kong/China

[DVD] Perhaps Love 如果.愛 (2005) – Hong Kong/China

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Perhaps Love is one of those movies that gets better with age. 6 years ago, I first popped in the huge DVD box set and honestly not only did I not get it, but it was a snooze-fest. That’s coming from someone who enjoys and embraces Wong Kar Wai movies since the tender age of 17 years old. Something about musical and whatever, this film just didn’t click. Now fast forward the time machine and countless experiences, it is 2011. Perhaps Love is not just any other good film, but it is a wonderful, emotional and simply amazing movie experience. It is a film that constantly makes you think, reflect and the inner turmoil of Jacky Cheung, Zhou Xun and Takeshi Kaneshiro are all heart wrenchingly felt. The musical aspect adds to the atmosphere and the story telling, in fact Jacky Cheung’s role as the present lover who can do nothing about his partner being unfaithful is most likely his most difficult and complicated role to date. Zhou Xun is amazing as always, but it is Kaneshiro that really surprises me. His eyes hides years of sadness, frustration and unrequited love, is simply breathtaking to endure. In creating Perhaps Love, director and producer Peter Chan has created something very special, immensely original and startlingly realistic. This is truly one of those films that will be re-watched again and again in the years ahead. Quite frankly it is a small piece of cinematic gem…


Neo rates it 9.5/10