[DVD] Summer Love Love 戀夏戀夏戀戀下 (2011) - Hong Kong

[DVD] Summer Love Love 戀夏戀夏戀戀下 (2011) – Hong Kong


Some movies are just made for a particular market of audience and Summer Love Love is certainly a movie made for sleazy male counterparts. It is certainly more than okay to showcase not a few, but a ballet of le-mos. I just do not understand one thing, why do the guys always have to be so pathetic going after these pretty girls with some balls in between. Why can’t these guys have some sort of self-respect and a tad of intelligence in them while drooling and chasing these girls at the same time. You can’t blame the actors for these events as they are only doing as per the script, but surely one would prefer a somewhat smart comedy with all those hot chicks along the coastline as well. Ignoring the lowering of your intelligence part, there is certainly plenty of eye candy on offer with Zhang Xinyu stealing the spotlight away from big bust Carol Yeung. Apart from this, Alex Fong and his counterparts are a complete waste of time. All in all, Summer Love Love is not really a movie, but rather an pictorial album to showcase a bunch of le-mos with a subplot of a bunch of losers chasing after them. It is a kind of movie that worked out fun in the 80s and early 90s, but Alex Fong is not Chow Yun Fat, Siu Fei is certainly not Eric Tsang and Owodog is nowhere near as funny or annoying as Nat Cheung. So basically, the result is Summer Love Love failing big time, but at least we got Zhang Xinyu to drool, look and stare at…



Neo rates it 4/10.