A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 滿清十大酷刑 (1994) - Hong Kong

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 滿清十大酷刑 (1994) – Hong Kong

Review by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA
Review Date: 14th January 2013
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Director: Bosco Lam Hing-Lung
Producer: Wong Jing
Cast: Yvonne Yung, Lawrence Ng, Tommy Wong, Yuen King-Tan, Lee Wah-Yuet, Ching Mai, Tsui Kam-Kong, Oh Yin-Hei, Kenny Wong

Hong Kong Box office Takings: HKD $10,404,725.00

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“A Chinese Torture Chamber Story” is one of those films that is impossible to rate. It is sleazy, crude, brute, bloody and filled soft-core cheap sex that essentially typifies the usual Wong Jing’s 90s sexual exploitation. Perhaps it is a compliment to the the infamous film maker for going to such extreme to depict almost every deadly punishment imaginable in Chinese history. It is certainly not a film for everyone, but for those into 90s Hong Kong cinema exploitation movies, S&M and treat this genre of films as pure entertainment pleasure, then it is really hard to dislike.

Yvonne Yung (“Ancient Chinese Whorehouse”) is actually decent actress, but for whatever reasons, she is essentially the Queen of 90s Sexual Exploitation film. In fact, a slight glimpse of her filmography, one will find it difficult to witness her in any other roles that does not include sexual torture. There is something about her that makes the audience interested in witnessing her getting torture or other things alike. Her counterpart (also a fixture in this genre of films, before finding fame on TVB and ATV respectively) Lawrence Ng like Yung has a vulnerable presence about him. Once again, what 90s exploitation film can be without Tsui Kam-Kong (“Sex and Zen 2”) and even if it is only an extended cameo.

All in all, “A Chinese Torture Chamber Story” simply manages to entertain, because it is unafraid to show the extreme and torture of the human body. It inspired a lot of films that came after it and even to this day films like “Sex and Zen 3D” still tries to imitate with much lesser effect. I wouldn’t call this a good film, but in terms of entertainment value, “A Chinese Torture Chamber Story” serves its unique genre fans well. It is also a genre in Hong Kong cinema that is unlikely to ever see the same light. It is easy to see why this film has gone on to become a Western cult classic. (Neo 2013)

I rated it 6.5/10