My Oscars Predictions 2013

My Oscars Predictions 2013

Judged by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA

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Best Picture:

Should Win: Life of Pi
Will Win: Lincoln

“All in all, “Life of Pi” is not just another adaptation, but a film that no one can ever imagine it being translated so wonderful on screen. It is these kinds of films that make my hours invested into my passion for cinema worthwhile. Lee in making “Pi” has managed to set a new height for new age cinema, pushing the boundaries of 3D technology and how movies can truly be more than just movies alone. I am not saying that Pi is the greatest film ever made, but in terms of a cinematic experience, I simply cannot ask for more. Even the film ends on a pondering note, with the tiger facing the forest and taking a moment to pause, perhaps reflecting on the journey that it has just undertaken, even if wildlife does not have in-born sentimentalism. What a wonderful film, Mr Ang Lee, take a bow.”

Best Director:

Should Win: Ang Lee (Life of Pi)
Will Win: Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)

“In creating “Life of Pi”, Ang Lee has not only outdone himself, but quite possibly created one of the most important films in cinematic history and possibly life itself. The sense, the visuals, the scenery, the experience, the story, the relationship are all presented on-screen in the most illuminating manner. There are some moments within the film that will likely stay with you for a very long time. “Life of Pi” is simply a masterpiece of filmmaking and the depiction of life will and cannot be possibly outdone again. It is this good…”

Best Actor:

Should Win: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)
Will Win: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Playing Lincoln is by no means an easy feat and being able to pull in off successfully is even more stunning and surprising. Daniel Day Lewis is almost unrecognisable and when the audience can forget that Lewis is playing a character, then all the hallmarks of a great performance is in the making. Lewis is able to make Lincoln alive and the fact that the film never relies on action, the words mean a lot more. Lewis deserves this and without him, the film cannot be completed.

Best Actress:

Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)
Will Win: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)

Enough cannot be said how matured and defining that this performance is for Jennifer Lawrence. In character, she is captivating, amazing, complicated and while Bradley Cooper puts in his career best performance, it is Lawrence that truly carries the film and the classic scene where De Niro finally meets Lawrence is that of cinematic classic. Look at all the reactions, simply amazing to watch.

Best Supporting Actor:

Should Win: Robert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook)
Will Win: Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)

It is Robert De Niro understated and outright natural acting display that goes effortlessly behind the scene of a movie that is filled with mental illness and constant happening. He may have misstep in recent years, but in Silver Linings Playbook he simply nails the role to perfection. I have not had as much fun watching him as a father since “Meet the Parents”.

Best Supporting Actress:

Should Win: Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables)
Will Win: Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables)

“However, the best performance from the movie comes from the unforgettable emotions and character that Anne Hathaway brings to her role as the mother, factory worker who is forced to become a sex slave due to circumstances of the time and situation. Although Hathaway may not be the best singer in voicing this powerful song “I Dreamed a Dream”, but when you combine her heart wrenching inside-out soul performance with the beautiful yet broken voice, the scene is worthy of her Oscar nomination and a moment that is unlikely to escape the audience’s head for some time.”

Best Animated Feature Film

Should Win: Wreck-It Ralph
Will Win: Frankenweenie

“Wreck-It Ralph” is a wonderful film like all great animated features in the past, “Toy Story”. “Finding Nemo” and countless others, it beings adults back to childhood. Who in the right mind do not once believe that the characters inside the games and TV are real? Adding to the mix, this is also a fine and touching film for all ages to enjoy, embrace and entertain. It leaves us wondering what could’ve been. A great film in my opinion.