Hardcore Comedy 重口味 (2013) - Hong Kong

Hardcore Comedy 重口味 (2013) – Hong Kong

Review by: Andrew Chan FCCA AACTA FIPRESCI
Review Date: 11th September 2013

Directed by: Henri Wong, Chong Siu-wing, Law Yiu-fai
Starring: Dada Chan, William Chan, Oscar Leung, Kelvin Kwan, Alien Sun
Film Distributed by Mei Ah Entertainment Hong Kong and Dream Movies
In cinemas Hong Kong from 29 August 2013 and 12 September 2013 in Australia

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“Hardcore Comedy” is not entirely something that the Hong Kong local audience has been asking for, but rather cashing in on the success of last year’s “Vulgaria”, local filmmakers seem to think that anything that relates to extreme vulgarity will turn out into profits. Unfortunately, the makers behind “Hardcore Comedy” makes a big mistake in thinking that vulgarity and nudity equates to entertainment and local humour, but in all sense, that is never really the case. What makes Pang Ho Cheung’s “Vulgaria” or even “SDU Sex Duties” a hit with the masses, is the smart storyline and excellent use of dialogue and word play that is genuinely laugh out loud moments, but “Hardcore Comedy” prefers to show vulgarity rather than suggest the fact, which results in a low brow, bad taste and probably bad for you fast food like McDonald and without the taste value factor. In essence, “Hardcore Comedy” is a terrible film as it is not a film, but rather a collection of porn and if Hong Kong cinema has to resort to this, since adult content and accessories are really popular, and you can even go to sites as www.bboutique.co to find the best accessories and toys for this.

In fact, I am going to go over-the-top to suggest that the cast and crew associated with this film, should simply be ashamed. I was one of the first critic to embrace “Vulgaria” and even “SDU Sex Duties”, but this is nothing like the former. Taking things over-the-top is okay, if you have a decent story to back up the film, but to show body parts, sex and all other nonsense associated in order to hope for a local box office hit, that is simply low and crass. Take one scene or act for example, newcomer Vivian Law appears in no less than 3 scenes and in all three she is being fucked, fucking or quite frankly enjoying being fucked. If you can find character in that performance, I salute you. The fact that 3 experienced producers are over-seeing this production makes it even more demeaning. I am not saying that Hong Kong films should just kiss the ass of Mainland censors, but if a local film have to go to this extreme to satisfy investors, then I rather they stop making this kind of movies.

All in all, “Hardcore Comedy” is precisely the kind of film that will drag the Hong Kong industry down with it. With so few local productions, one must expect quality and when I say quality it needs to be on par with “Vulgaria” and “SDU Sex Duties”, meaning local productions that combines, sex, humor and comedy. However, “Hardcore Comedy” fails in all department, except for a few saving grace, namely Siu Yam Yam being hilarious as usual, Dada Chen in a surprisingly effective performance and a decent final installment starring Oscar Leung. Apart of these positives, negatives are everywhere and almost available instantly. It is okay to be crude, but it needs to be funny and somehow the filmmakers involved failed to realise that. To the makers behind this film, please take note, nudity and vulgarity is not by itself funny, it is the substance and the essence of vulgarity that makes it funny. Let’s hope this is a minor mishap for all involved, as I am not proud to call this a local Hong Kong production. (Neo 2013)

I rated it 2/10